Why Choose PGi?

Save time by automating repetitive tasks. Rely on our fast and knowledgable Support and Training teams to help you spend more time focusing on your business.

  • Outsource the preparation & delivery of your pay statements, cheques, T4s and T4As
  • Get automatic legislative updates
  • Extend your payroll submission deadline (as compared to many other outsourced services)
  • Ensure accuracy with formula and table-driven complex payroll calculations
  • Streamline repetitive tasks & spreadsheets
  • Get FREE access to regular software enhancements and all major version upgrades
  • Get almost any report you can imagine
  • Store historical data and terminated employees, indefinitely.
  • Give portal access to employees and managers with tailored permissions
  • Pay-as-you-go. No minimum monthly fee.

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Powerful Automations

PGi has built-in automations for hundreds of common payroll tasks. If you can say 'if this, then this', we can likely automate it for you. See a list of our common payroll automations

3rd Party Integrations

Let PGi configure 1-way and 2-way integrations between our solution and your client-server or web applications. We may even be able to interface with your custom-built systems. See a list of our common integrations

Payroll Reporting

PGi's built-in reporting tools are known as one of the most powerful, and easy to use on the market. See a full list of library reports and key reporting features

Support & Training

Every PGi subscription includes unlimited access to our support team, as well as ongoing training. For all your inquiries, you can communicate with us via our online helpdesk, and never wait on hold. Replies take minutes, not days. Need to talk? We will schedule a phone call with our best available specialist. See our scheduled Support Hours

Scalable Solution for Growth

Do you see your company growing in the coming months or years? All PGi subscriptions are scalable. Add modules, functionality, and automations as your business changes. PGi can quickly implement mergers, acquisitions, new branches, projects, franchises, etc. Request a free consultation with a product specialist to discuss how PGi can support your plans for growth.

Pay As You Go Subscription

All PGi subscriptions are pay-as-you-go, with no minimum monthly fees. There is a one-time Setup Fee, and a service fee for each employee payment, T4, and 3rd party remittance. All PGi subscriptions always include ongoing training, unlimited support, unlimited historical data, unlimited reporting, unlimited users, import and mapping of legacy payroll data, and hosting. Build your own modular subscription.

Key Payroll Features

    PGi Subscription

  • Pay-as-you-go. No minimum monthly fee.
  • Get FREE access to all monthly software enhancements and major version upgrades
  • Packages available for small to very large enterprises
  • Single or multiple Business Numbers, Pay Frequencies, and locations
  • Unlimited users with tailored permissions
  • No Prefunding. Payroll funds move directly from your account to the employee via EFT.
  • Build your own Subscription
  • Compliance & Services

  • Unlimited access to Support & Training
  • Automatic Legislative updates
  • Automatic provincial medical premium updates
  • Multi-province, multi-class Workers Compensation processing
  • Electronic ROE processing with exports to Service Canada
  • CRA, MRQ, EHT and other 3rd party remittances submitted on your behalf
  • Preparation of pay statements, cheques, T4s, and T4As (electronic and paper options available)
  • Unlimted historical data and terminated employees. Data is never purged.
  • Fast and knowledgeable support team
  • Import and mapping of legacy data
  • See Support Hours
  • Payroll Automations

  • Vacation Accruals
  • Stat Holiday Pay
  • Retro Salary Pay
  • Benefit Calculations
  • Off-Cycle Pay Runs
  • Union Dues
  • Shift Premiums
  • Overtime Calculations
  • Journal Entries
  • Mass Employee Updates
  • Single or Multiple ROEs
  • Probation Reminders
  • Step-Rate Wage Increases
  • Salary Allocations by department, job, branch, etc.
  • and so many more

    Payroll & Benefits

  • Gross-to-net calculator
  • Automatic overtime evaluation
  • Stat Holiday Pay calculator
  • Complex, formula-driven earnings, benefits and deductions
  • Full suite of employee benefit functions including status-based benefit management
  • Automated Salary retroactive pay calculations
  • Automated Salary and Benefit pro-rating based on hire date, termination date and/or mid pay period changes
  • Unlimited accruals per employee. Optional conversion to unpaid time for overdrawn banks and dynamic capping of balances
  • Full suite of features for hourly, salary, piecework, contractor and expat payrolls
  • Detailed pay statements that can include accrual activity as well as detailed daily breakdown of earnings
  • Unlimited bank accounts per employee
  • Multiple electronic and hard copy pay statement delivery options
  • Integrate PGi with your 3rd party applications

  • Accounting Software
  • Labour Costing Software
  • HRIS Software
  • ERP Systems
  • Time Clock Systems
  • Scheduling Software
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Recruiting Software
  • Learning Management Software
  • Company Intranet
  • Service Canada's ROE web
  • Benefit providers
  • Online banking websites
  • and many more


  • Choose from hundreds of standard reports or easily build your own reports ad hoc
  • Schedule any report to be automatically generated on a recurring basis and emailed to any number of recipients
  • Report and distribute expenses in the Journal Entry to the finest detail in dollars and hours
  • Export any report to PDF and Excel
  • Global reporting across multiple businesses
  • Integration with nearly any non-PGi systems (i.e. GL System, HR, Scheduling, Labour Costing, etc.)
  • Import non-PGi data to avoid tedious data entry
  • Tailor PGi data exports to fit the exact file layout needed to communication with 3rd party systems
  • Pay period comparison reports
  • Rely on payroll exception reports to catch oddities
  • Full payroll preview capabilities
  • CRA Reporting
  • MRQ Reporting
  • WCB & WSIB Reporting
  • Reporting by pay period range, Year-To-Date, or by exact date range
  • Cheque Registers
  • Earnings, Deductions & Benefits Registers
  • CPP & EI Deficiency Reporting
  • Accrual Balances
  • Overtime Reporting
  • Turnover Reporting
  • Time & Attendance Reporting
  • and so many more