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Built for you, big or small, simple or complex
On the Cloud, all inclusive unified database

About PGi

PGi can help you sleep better, and have more time for coffee or a smoothie in the morning.
We offer a subscription based workforce management solution on the cloud, that guarantees to automate any of your manual procedures, provides fast reliable processing, a forever database of employee details, and instant real time information on your company’s greatest asset – your people.
Our philosophy of partnering with our clients, proven for over 15 years, surpasses expectations of any simple provider or vendor relationship. We invest in you by listening, learning, delivering and offering consultative suggestions.

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Our Team

We are a team of many cultures and backgrounds that work together to make our clients “feel like a million bucks”. Our team is committed to your success. The relationships we develop with our partners have and will always be our #1 priority.
Smart people with a flair for innovation are the genius behind our product, and communicators with an applied background in Payroll and HR are the backbone of our Customer Support. Our visionary leaders are keenly aware of how these talents work together, and have a knack for hand-picking teams best suited for each project. From software development to customer support – all products are designed, implemented and supported in-house.
We are a privately-held company. Every PGi shareholder is an active member of the team.

Innovation & Product Development Strategy

Unlike traditional software, our development strategy is to constantly expand the solution with enhancements. That means you will always be on the latest available version. No need to worry about products being outdated or discontinued and data being lost from switchovers. As clients are upgraded to new versions, their underlying data structures, rules, and business logic are preserved, making the upgrade extremely simple – just log in!
On-going Enhancements
Universal enhancements are released bi-monthly in our continuous effort to make the system more comprehensive. We innovate based on our company vision but also give high importance on feedback from users and from competitive intelligence.

Major Releases and Upgrades
As with the regular enhancements, once a major release is launched, it is immediately available at no charge to all users.

Custom Enhancements
Apart from the many features that our clients already love about PGi, we always do our best to go the extra mile to make the system work even better for you, the way you need it. We love taking on new challenges and are very flexible in customizing enhancements.

Risk Management

While eliminating risk is the ultimate goal, minimizing risk is a daily activity here at PGi. With watchdogs always on guard, we educate, research, study and monitor to keep all of our users and ourselves safe and secure. The PGi Risk Management Initiative is comprised of three primary sections: Security, Privacy, and Internal Control Procedures. Keeping you safe, keeps us safe.

All infrastructure, data storage and customer support is based exclusively in Canada. Primary, back-up and fail-over servers are housed at a premier data center. Server performance is monitored and upgraded on a timely basis to ensure industry standards are exceeded.

PGi is in compliance with North American Privacy Standards.

Internal Control Procedures
PriceWaterhouseCoopers performs PGi’s External Audits of Internal Control Procedures, always pushing the envelope to include additional controls to be defined and reviewed.