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Human Resources

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Human Resources

We love data. Streamlining the collection of data, organizing data, and reporting on data. PGi’s suite of modules was designed primarily for this purpose: access to information. The design is never static. Our modules are enhanced regularly with new features and all users are always on the newest version.
100% web-based. No software or hardware.

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• Detailed Employee Master Record
• All changes to an employee record are automatically logged and kept on the system forever
• Automated Reminders. Based on employee Dates such as Probation End, Next Performance Review, Birthdate and more….
• Company Property Registry. Keep track of uniforms, keys, cell phones and other items issued to staff
• Detailed Dependent Benefit Plans – Keep track of Employee & Employer Benefits
• Catalogue events in the employee’s career with your organization such as workplace injuries, performance reviews, awards, leaves
• Catalogue qualifications, training and certificates with the details that you choose
• Unlimited Users: there is no limit to the number of users, and there is no charge to add users as you grow
• Easy Access: give your people access to real-time data from anywhere
• Control Access Permissions: easily configure access rights for each level of user, by group or by individual
• Export any report to PDF and Excel
• Integrations with nearly any non-PGi systems (i.e. GL Systems, HR,Scheduling, Labour Costing etc.)