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Outsourced Services

We’ll fill in when you need extra help
Be in touch with someone who understands

Outsourced Services

Special attention doesn’t stop at the end of the sale. PGi’s attention to your needs never stops. We are devoted to quality delivery within your timeframe, and are fearless when meeting challenges along the way. PGi team is forever there to coach, encourage, assist with testing and handle last minute details previously undiscovered.
Ongoing Training is always available and included! Partner with PGi, and our team will support you, your people and your organization as you grow, change and evolve

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• Partner with our experts to support your people as your business grows and evolves.
• PGi offers two levels of services for outsourcing. No agreement is ever “tied for life” to either, depending on the needs of our partners.
• PGi’s Self-Serve Option is the more popular and allows our partners to choose exactly how much control they want to have, inviting PGi involvement as needed.
• In the circumstance when the partner needs more, PGi also offers Premium Service.

Premium Services

We’ll fill in, when you need extra help. Be in touch with someone who understands.
PGI’s team provides Premium Service to ensure no interruption to you, your department, your organization, or most importantly, your employees. PGi experts can be hands-on to provide help for those times you need us.


Self Service Premium Service
Automatic legislative updates yes yes
Automatic BC Medical Premium Updates yes yes
CRA, MRQ, EHT Remittances yes yes
Other 3rd Party Remittances yes yes
Preparation and Delivery of Pay Statements and Cheques yes yes
Preparation, Filing and Delivery of T4 and T4As yes yes
Fast and Knowledgeable Support Team yes yes
Ongoing Training yes yes
Employee Record Updates yes
Payroll Hours Processing yes
Payroll Adjustment Processing yes
Generation of Reports yes
Payroll Processing and Finalization yes
Electronic ROE remittance to Service Canada yes