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Vast array of reports ensure you’ve got it right. Extensive automations help simplify your life


We love data. Streamlining the collection of data, organizing data, and reporting on data. PGi’s suite of modules was designed primarily for this purpose: access to information. The design is never static. Our modules are enhanced regularly with new features and all users are always on the newest version.
100% web-based. No software or hardware. .

Payroll Human Resources Time & Attendance Employee Portal Scheduling
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• Automatic overtime evaluation
• Stat Holiday Pay calculator
• Complex, formula-driven earnings, benefits & deductions
• Detailed Employee Master Record
... • Full suite of employee benefit functions including status based benefit management
• Automated Salary retroactive pay calculations
• Automated Salary and Benefit pro-rating based on hire date, termination date and/or mid period changes
• Unlimited accruals per employee. Optional conversion to unpaid time for overdrawn banks and dynamic capping of balances
• Full suite of features for hourly, salary, piecework, contractor and expat payrolls
• Detailed pay statements that can include accrual activity as well as detailed daily breakdown of earnings
• Unlimited bank accounts per employee
• Multi-province, multi-class WCB Processing
• Wage grids with automated rate changed based on time worked or hours worked
• Leave Management
• Multiple pay statement delivery options
• Full payroll preview capabilities
• Pay Period Exception Reports
• Report or distribute expenses to the finest detail in the Journal Entry in both hours and dollar amounts
• Data is never purged
• Export any report to PDF and Excel
• Integrations with nearly any non-PGi systems (i.e. GL Systems, HR, Scheduling, Labour Costing etc.)

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• One or multiple locations
• User access with role based security
• Multiple pay frequencies
• Multiple Federal and Provincial Business Numbers


• Automatic legislative updates
• Federal, provincial & Third Party remittances submitted directly on your behalf
• Preparation and Electronic filing of T4/T4A’s
• Records of Employment (ROEs) filed electronically via ROE Web