Our solution is a strong combination of software and service. While we make great Workforce Management applications, we are primarily a service organization and keep close, long-term relationships with our users. The software itself is a single, unified platform that has been evolving for over a decade and will continue to evolve – based on our company vision, and as our users request new features and functions. It is highly configurable, can adapt to any industry, and can be tailored for the most unique requirements of every moving part of your business.

  • Made for small to large North American organizations

Support for hundreds to thousands of employees, cross-border.

  • Well established in various diverse industries

Hospitality, Healthcare, Service, Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing,
Security, Logistics, Forestry, Senior / Independent Living, and many more.

  • Has all the benefits of an in-house system in an outsourced service

Manage costs, reduce pre-funding, and maintain full control and ownership of your data.

  • Single Database
    Historical Data
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We love data. Streamlining the collection of data, organizing data, and reporting on data. PGi’s suite of modules was designed primarily for this purpose: access to information. The design is never static. Our modules are enhanced regularly with new features and all users are always on the newest version.

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  • 100% web-based. No software or hardware.

Access real-time data from any internet connection in the world.

  • Single Database

Increase productivity and eliminate conflicting records with all your information in one place.

  • Unlimited Historical Data

You own it, can slice and dice it, mine your history and access it in virtually any format. You can even take a complete image of your database at any time, at no cost.

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Keep your people engaged with better access to information. Web portals are tailored by user, giving high level administrators full access to all screens and modules with the ability to control “who can see what”, from Executives to managers to employees.

  • Unlimited Users

There is no limit to the number of users, and there is no charge to add users as you grow.

  • Easy Access

Give your people access to real-time data from anywhere.

  • Control Access Permissions

Easily configure access rights for each level of user, by group or by individual.

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Outsourced Services

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Special attention doesn’t stop at the end of the sale. Selecting PGi as your service provider is just the beginning. PGi project managers are devoted to quality delivery within your timeframe, and are fearless when meeting challenges along the way that may lead to enhancements outside original scope. As each module is launched, PGi team is there to coach, encourage, assist with testing and handle last minute details previously undiscovered.

  • Never wait on hold for Support

Log in to your account to track the progress of your support tickets every step of the way

  • Ongoing Training is always included

Ask for training anytime, or sign up for our group sessions at your leisure.

  • Our Team is Your Team

Partner with our experts to support your people as your business grows and evolves.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

PGi currently interfaces with a number of 3rd party systems.  SunLife, Unifocus, Workday, AccPac, Great Plains, SAP, Sage, Yardi, Namely, Heath, Watson, Raymark and HSCIS to name a few of the files available.  Set up recurring transfers for automatic imports from external sources or manually import a spreadsheet or .csv file on the fly to avoid key entering large amounts of data. Exporting data from PGi is just as easy, with options for scheduled automatic exports and manual exports as you go. All reports are exportable to PDF and Excel.

  • Integrate with nearly ANY 3rd party

PGi supports custom 1-way and 2-way integration with any modern application or website.

  • Build Consolidated Reports

Import spreadsheets, csv files or other non-PGi data from external sources for comprehensive reporting of your entire operation.

  • No IT Resources Required

Once we receive your sample file layout, we configure the communication link that directs incoming or outgoing data to its new destination.

PGi 3rd Party Integration


Reporting is where PGi stands apart from the pack. Our reporting engine is easy to use, and was developed with one thing in mind: ease of access to your information without programming efforts or fees. Choose from hundreds of standard library reports, or design your own on the fly.  Global reporting is available to tie in data from multiple business, even those cross-border.  PGi’s reporting engine is also available as a stand-alone solution developed to use with non-PGi data, including PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and many more.

  • Hundreds of standard library reports

Quickly modify library reports to include only the information you’re interested in.

  • Design your own lists and reports on the fly

Do it yourself, or let us help you. Even include non-PGi data for industry specific reports.

  • Schedule Reports

Save time by not having to run and distribute reports.  Any report can be scheduled to automatically send to any number of recipients via email.

PGi Reporting Tools