Reporting & Integrations

Reporting & Integrations

Reporting & Integrations


PGi’s reporting is an engine like no other! Access your information without a fee. Choose from hundreds from a PGi library, or design your own on the fly.

Specific or Global, tie in data from multiple businesses, cross-border, or others…such as integrations with : PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and many more. Schedule reports to be sent to yourself or any member of your team, for any day, date, or time.

Save time by not having to run and distribute reports. Any report can be scheduled to automatically send to any number of recipients via email.

Integrations with 3rd Party Systems

PGi currently interfaces with a number of 3rd party systems. SunLife, Unifocus, Workday, AccPac, Great Plains, SAP, Sage, Yardi, Namely, Heath, Watson, Raymark and HSCIS to name a few of the files available. Set up recurring transfers for automatic imports from external sources or manually import a spreadsheet or .csv file on the fly to avoid key entering large amounts of data. Exporting data from PGi is just as easy, with options for scheduled automatic exports and manual exports as you go. All reports are exportable to PDF and Excel.

PGi supports custom 1-way and 2-way integration with any modern application or website. Import spreadsheets, csv files or other non-PGi data from external sources for comprehensive reporting of your entire operation.